The EARLY TENNESSEE IMPRINTS COLLECTION consists of books and other print materials produced in Tennessee between the years 1791 and 1866 (that is, between the year the first printing press operated at Rogersville and the first year after the Civil War).
The DIMENSIONAL AND ARTIST'S BOOKS COLLECTION is an eclectic collection that explores the nature and boundaries of the book form. The collection encompasses examples of fine letterpress printing as well as artists' books that alter, question, or play with the conventional experience of reading or otherwise using the book. Additionally, the collection includes miniature books as well as pop-up and movable books. We have especially strong holdings in works by Julian Wehr (1898-1970), the American master of animated children's books.
The ROBERT ALLEN RAGLAND SR. MEMORIAL CIVIL WAR COLLECTION includes nineteenth and twentieth-century books and other materials that cover various aspects of the Civil War. The collection has numerous materials that focus on the war in Tennessee and on the Battle of Stones River.
The UNIVERSITY COLLECTION consists of MTSU theses, yearbooks, institutional publications, and similar items.
The SPECIAL COLLECTIONS REFERENCE AREA  includes works on book collecting and the rare book market, various bibliographies and checklists, technical and historical works on  printing and bookbinding, historical works on bookselling and publishing, and studies centered on the history of print culture.